Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Suggested Advertising Taglines for Future Disease Management Companies

The Disease Management Care Blog is looking forward to this coming week's annual Forum 08 meeting. Assuming Hannah and Ike cooperate, it'll be a great opportunity to see old friends, make new ones, hear the experts, learn about new approaches and check out the old and new companies in the field. Speaking of which, the spectrum of entrants into the business of population health never fails to amaze. The expansion in informatics, monitoring technology, case management, industrial psychology, member surveys, predictive modeling, registries, patient coaching, applied research from year to year has been stunning.

The advertising that surrounds many of these past, current and future business entities has also been exciting. Inspired by the expertise of Darren Stevens from a long past TV comedy show, knowing that this is a growth industry and that creating marketing campaigns is hard work, the DMCB humbly offers up these slogans, mottos and taglines for the consideration of professional and amateur marketers everywhere :

Please, we do more than disease.

We'll starve for your carve out.

Obesity: more than a business opportunity.

Disease management: why ask why?

DMAA: More than just a name or two.

Results guaranteed, or we'll make it up.

Our stock will go south without your carve out.

Let's talk less about MHS.

When we're callin', expenses are fallin'.

Incurred, but not supported.

We're the best when there's no IDS.

Smiling Bob says this is natural medical enhancement.

We're the quicker PMPM picker upper.

We Are Outcomes. (And So Can You!).

We're the Conquerers of Cost. The Sultans of Surplus. The Wonders of Wellness. The Oracles of Outcomes. The Princes and Princesses of Prevention.

When money is no object, give us a call.

We'll die for your ROI.

Physicians: hard. Disease management: easy. Next?

Why deny when we can stratify.

DM: Active in all 53 States and 4 countries, including Yugoslavia.

Call us when you need lipid levels reduced by more than 100%.

Unreal results for an uncertain world.

In chronic heart failure, we'll race for your ACEs and starve for your ARBs.


The DMCB welcomes other suggestions.

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