Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The DMCB Is Worth Your Investment

Want to know which bonds to buy? Assess which companies to invest in? Assess the financial strength of an insurance company?

Disease Management Care Blog agrees with you: no way!

But you can find out which postings are highly rated at the Political Calculations Blog. Click on the 'Rating' column and use the 'Sim-bond' method to find which are worth your precious time. The DMCB would like to humbly point out that only one was given a rating of Aa1. The DMCB thinks all the listed postings are great with highly informative and educational content. Check it out.

And when you've gotten through that, you'll also be rewarded with the Calculation Tool Chest at the bottom of the page. It reminds the DMCB of the Charlson Index, which calculates a 10 year survival based on the presence of absence of a series of chronic conditions.

Do the numbers lie? Find out for yourself.

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