Monday, December 8, 2008

Need Reasons to Justify Health Care Spending?

Admit it. You think the Feds should pump more money into the health care system. Are those hospitals, with their marble lobbies and courtyard fountains, the undeserving poor? Are those Lexus-driving physicians taking advantage of us? Is the system so dysfunctional that no amount of money will help? Maybe, maybe not, but the Disease Management Care Blog is also a part of the healthcare system. If it and its readers are going to benefit from governmental largess, it might as well be prepared the quote some rationales so that it sleeps better at night:

It's all about jobs jobs jobs and the health care sector of the economy produces a lot of 'em.

Freed up capital means construction projections, including hospitals.

Hospitals are part of a national safety net that will be needed if there is a national health emergency.

Health care costs are causing personal bankruptcies.

We Vote And We Remember. Unions think this is a core issue.

Other parts of the economy need to be top-down reengineered. Why not health care?

Medicaid is the largest part of most State budgets. With a bad economy, Medicaid budgets will expand, further stressing the States.

Markets don't work, especially when it comes to health IT.

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