Friday, December 12, 2008

Talk About Value - A Webinar on Comparative Effectiveness and It's Free

The Disease Management Care Blog modestly announces it will be a speaker at an upcoming webinar December 18 at 2 PM EST. The discussion will focus on the hot topic of 'comparative effectiveness,' which underlies many of the principles being espoused by the Population Health Impact Institute. While that is good news indeed, the better news is that you'll get to hear even savvier experts, including:

Joel V. Brill, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Predictive Health
Vicki Darlington, Wellness Director, Entergy Corporation
Richard Hodach, MD, PhD, Population Health Consultant
Thomas Wilson, PhD, Epidemiologist, Trajectory Healthcare

The DMCB thinks that when you are done listening to this, you will have the qualifications necessary to serve on the former Senator Daschle's Health Fed Board. Why not? Better you than someone from the Commonwealth Fund.

By the way, it's free. Register here. Your CFO will thank you for knowing value when you see it.

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