Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What If Disease Management Nurses Ran Chronic Illness

Nurse: OK patients, let's pay attention.

Becker, know your blood pressure? (Yes)

Callahan..... Callahan!..... {silence} [Babeep!] Engagement confirmation on Callahan

Disease Management Clerk: Dropped an HIPAA compliant letter 12 days ago

Nurse: [Babeep!] Phone number....

Enrollment Clerk: No sir, no change for Callahan

Nurse: [Babeep!] Primary care site.....

Primary Care Site: No Callahan, but I did find a a person with diabetes.

Nurse: No emails from Callahan......

Nurse: [Babeep!] Folks we need a 20 on Callahan!

[screeching tires] Got him!

Nurse: [Bapeep!] Reroute him straight to primary care, telephone him twice a week to make sure he's taking his medicine and get him a blood pressure cuff with remote monitoring

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