Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hope vs. Optimism for Healthcare Reform

Today, the Disease Management Care Blog listened in on Michel Martin's Tell Me More, which featured an interview with three physicians (Dr. David Ellington of Lexington VA, Dr. Hector Flores of Los Angeles and Dr. Carolyn Barley Britton of the National Medical Association) who have special expertise in the care of low income patients. None of their points of view over the public option, payment reform and the role of primary care were particularly suprising. Toward the end of the interview, each were asked about their level of optimism over the prospects for health reform. 'Very optimistic,' said one, for at least incremental reform, 'stars are aligned,' said another, while the third said the ball 'will move down the field... we're going to do it.'

The DMCB hopes there is health reform if it's done right. As for being optimistic, well.........

Hatp tip: HealthHombre

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