Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Obama Administration's 'Top Ten' Answers to the Swine Flu Vaccine Shortage

With apologies to the David Letterman Show's Top Ten List........

10. Those long lines are only being shown on Fox News.

9. Um, hellooo... joblessness, global warming, health care reform, Afghanistan, Republican resurgence, Olympic city competition, Noble Prize winning. We'll get to it.

8. It's not a shortage. It's a temporarily prolonged lag time in vaccine availability compounding a public health emergency.

7. We said 'Yes We Can,' not 'Yes We Will.'

6. Maybe, but this also means that persons in my Administration have a personal excuse to avoid getting vaccinated.

5. There is obviously not enough Federal regulation, oversight and supervision. We intend to fix that.

4. It's not called 'Swine Flu.' It's called H1N1 and 24.8 million doses are available.

3. It's President Bush's fault!

2. It's the health insurers' and big pharma's fault!

and the number one answer......

1. We unfortunately didn't read the Disease Management Care Blog's past postings on the topic.

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