Sunday, October 31, 2010

Suggested Disease Management Slogans for the Restore Sanity and/or Fear Rally

While the mainstream news media dissects the successful crossover mockery of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert from comedy to news to politics in their Restore Sanity and/or Fear Rally, it occurred to the Disease Management Care Blog that the phenomenon is hardly new. For example, Mark Twain and Will Rogers were the rock star satirist-pundits of their day. Yet, give those wacky Comedy Channel stars credit where credit is due. It takes real talent and judgment to simultaneously mock, be funny and score points. Just ask David "Palin-baitin'" Letterman, Don "nappy headed" Imus and Rick "the Jewish conspiracy" Sanchez.

The DMCB is jealous. If it weren't for some business, it might have been at the rally so it could have carried its own health care placards. To wit:

"We have nothing to fear except running out of my drugs for my chronic anxiety disorder that causes fear."

"Population health management nurses are hot."

"Kathleen Sebelius: not a witch, but one of us. Really."

"Health insurers need love too"

"Be nice. Share risk pools!"

"Man-up: read the DMCB"

"Anecdotes, not actuaries!"

"I want to be meaningfully used by the DMCB spouse!"

"I may be wrong, but you don't have health insurance."

"Everyone sort of likes disease management lots."

"Tea Partying: A chronic condition that can be positively managed with remote telephonic counseling"

"Shared decision making plus cookies: the cure for partisanship"

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