Friday, November 5, 2010

The Magnificent Carnac Speaks to Health Care Reform!

According to a TV documentary last night, "Karnak" is a temple complex used as a beacon to guide ancient astronauts. The Disease Management Care Blog knows better. It's really Carnac, and he was an all powerful and all wise soothsayer who, from time to time, would appear on Johnny Carson. He'd amaze and astound his viewers by divinating the answers to questions he hadn't even seen yet, because they were hermetically sealed in envelopes! And if the audience was insufficiently impressed with his all-seeing prowess, he'd condemn them with terrifying curses.

Was the DMCB a victim of an insomniac twilight sleep or was it the subject of a visitation by The Magnificient One? You be the judge:

Karnak's augury:

"The Obama Administration and American physicians."

The question..... Name two groups that will need to find another line of work by 2012.

More Karnak wizardry:

"A Perfect 10!"

The question..... How many thousands of dollars will independently practicing nurses soon pay for their malpractice insurance?

(If you groaned at that one, fear Karnak's curse: "May dozens of Mini-Me Pelosis and Boehners sprout from your computer screen and lecture you about 'the American people.'"

A last Karnak enchantment:

"The Matrix, Alice's 'Wonderland' and Avatar's Planet Pandora"

The question.... Name three settings where Accountable Care Organizations have been proven to save money.

Sis boom bah!

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