Monday, June 13, 2011

Two. That Was The Number Of Questions in a Two Hour Republican Presidential Candidates' Debate

The Disease Management Care Blog spent the evening glued to the June 13 CNN New Hampshire Republican Presidential candidates' debate.

It wasn't health care that dominated, but the economy and jobs. While the Affordable Care Act (ACA) promises to be an important topic in the 2012, the DMCB is thinking that'll be small change compared to a stubbornly high unemployment rate, a moribund housing market and an anemic economic growth. 

When health care did come up, Mitt Romney made an interesting point: for all of President's fawning over the merits of Massachusetts' health reform Mr. Obama never once called the Governor to ask him about any lessons that could have made the ACA better

A single Medicare question divided the candidates into three camps: 1) "full speed ahead" on fixing a looming funding crisis with some       Ryan-esque variation of a voucher or "premium support" plan, 2) a grimly solitary Newt, who pointed out there are other options and 3) dissembling tentative and vague nostrums. Figuring the Republicans will want to emphasize the economy, the DMCB predicts the third camp will win the day.

And some quick DMCB answers to the inquiries designed to humanize the candidates: Conan or Leno, just so long as it's not creepy Uncle Letterman.  June Cash, not Johnny. Dancing with the Stars because the older contestants give the DMCB hope.  iPhone because that's used far more often to access the DMCB.  Home made "Deep Dish" made with goat cheese, figs, bacon and arugula. 105 Scoville Heat Unit (SHU) Spicy Wings.  The DMCB spouse says "Pepsi" because the DMCB can't taste any difference, perhaps as a result of SHU abuse.

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