Monday, July 18, 2011

Shared Savings Accountable Care Organization Summer Humor

"So the ACO says to the bartender....."
It's summer, things are slow and picnics, parties and other outside gatherings can struggle from the oppressive heat.  You've already talked about Oprah never seeming to go away and Pittsburgh's improbable standings in the NL Central Division.  Well, if there are some health wonks about, why not crack open another round of sudsy beverages and jazz things up with some insider Shared Savings ACO humor? 

This won't win you a gig on Comedy Central but every little bit helps... sometimes.

Q: Why did the ACO chicken cross the road?
A: To look less like a unicorn!

Q: Whats the difference between an ACO and a HMO?
A: An ACO is just like a HMO but with more government oversight.  It will have the discipline of the Securities and Exchange Commission mixed with IRS-style responsiveness, all brought to you courtesy of CMS.

Q:  What's the nicest thing a VP for Medical Affairs could spin about ACOs to a room full of skeptical doctors?
A:  "It's not entirely without merit, but close."

Q: Do ACOs have a tagline yet?
A: No, but one that's been recommended is: "ACOs... where healthcare innovation transforms to imagination!"

Q: What is the difference between an ACO and a bank robbery?
A: The bank robbery is illegal.

Q: What is the difference between an ACO and quicksand?
A: People don't go into quicksand on purpose.

Q: Why is it called an "ACO?"
A: To honor the folks who thought of it: academics, consultants and Obama.

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