Friday, June 1, 2012

The DMCB Speaks

The Disease Management Care Blog is pleased to be among the faculty at the upcoming educational conference Star Ratings Congress for Medicare Advantage Plans.  The DMCB is always happy to hear itself speak, but what it really wants is to be in the audience and hear from the real experts on how to translate HEDIS and CAHPS scores into ACA mandated bonuses and rebates.

 The DMCB will address approaches to engaging primary care physicians in population health management (PHM).  While it's still fine-tuning its presentation, one of the points it intends to make is that physician engagement may be one of those areas where "variation" may not only be necessary but desirable.  Patient populations and physician cultures vary considerably and, as a result, state-of-the-art PHM must likewise be correspondingly adaptable.

The DMCB looks forward to gauging the audience's reaction to this brazen notion and describing it in a future post.

You can register for the Congress, which will be in Las Vegas July 12 and 13, here.

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