Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pearls from the Care Continuum Alliance Forum12

The Disease Management Care Blog is recovering from a case of post-oratory exhaustion following today's Care Continuum Alliance Forum12 sermon.  Happily, it delivered the session payload without any impolitic gaffs, wardrobe malfunctions, unsightly hives or gastrointestinal afflictions.

It's also grateful for all the pre-event PowerPoint advice that it got (you know who you are).

Nonetheless, the DMCB steeled itself and attended a host of educational follow-up sessions over the remainder of the day and scribbled down some of the better pearls of wisdom:

Americans, without exception, distrust all large institutions.  That prompted the DMCB to wonder again about the prognosis of the ACO business model.

People trust persons like themselves.  This used to mean just friends, neighbors and family, but now includes social media circles.  Health providers ignore the implications of that at their peril.

Consumers do not equate healthcare information with healthcare solutions.

A goal of old age is to live with inevitable chronic illness without being sick.

HIPAA compliant on-line authentication is moving away from entering an email address to entering a cell phone number.  Email accounts change, but people tend to keep the same cell number even if they change phones or carriers.

Ideal clinical work flows from a Patient Centered Medical Home is circuitous: the patient never exits.

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