Thursday, October 4, 2012

Presidential Debate Behaviors: Lehrerosis, Denver Fever and Others

As Disease Management Care Blog Twitter followers know, the recent Presidential debate certainly captured its attention. Yet, while other "#debate" tweets focused on policy one-liners and short political insights, the DMCB was discovering the twin medical conditions of hyperblepharokinesis (Mr. Romney's rapid fire blinking) and bradyblinkosis (Mr. Obama's sullen slow blinks).

The DMCB has since reviewed its Presidential debate notes and offers up this additional mix of dysfunctional debate-induced behaviors:

Conhomie: the pseudo-bonhomie manifested by a warm handshake and smiling embrace by two individuals who really detest each other.

HannibalLectern: what a debater afflicted with conhomie stands behind while he secretly wishes he could rip out the liver of his opponent.

Ropadebateadope: an inability to answer simple questions posed by a debate moderator.

Lehrerosis: the sudden onset of muteness caused by the excessive blabbering of another person.

90-billionate: using a previously unknown, unused and untrue statistic to undermine an opponent.

Denver Fever: a life-threatening triad of hyperventilation, anxiety and sputtering precipitated by the underperformance of a favored debater.  Also known as the "MSNBC Vapors."

Obamaprize: the nasty surprise experienced by sitting Presidents who underestimate a political enemy.

Romneyize: overwhelming an opponent with a barrage of lies, damned lies and statistics.

The DMCB looks forward to the next one.

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