Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Leveraging Celebrities to Market Obamacare

According to this The Hill article, President Obama took a break from tackling red linesgun control, immigration reform, Trayvon Martin, the economy to make an appearance at a July 22 Obamacare promotion-planning meeting that included a host of A-list celebrities.  They'll be needed to convince the young invincibles to pony up hundreds of dollars for health insurance that they don't want.

Despite the DMCB spouse's unflattering assessment of her husband's media chops, the Disease Management Care Blog thinks it should have been in that White House room. 

It has a lot to contribute.

For example, American Idol finalist Jennifer Hudson was there.  How about a new CMS-sponsored talent show, says the DMCB, that is hosted by Ms. Hudson, called American Muddle? Enter the early crooning favorite, Hope Igeddadok, singing a reprise of that Dire Straits hit, "Money for Nothing."

And what about Improv comedy artist Amy Poehler? After a great stint at SLN, she went on to star in the hit comedy show, Parks and Recreation.  The DMCB suggests a pro-Obamacare commercial that features Deadlock and MakeItUpAsWeGoAlongination.

And fresh from being tossed under the campaign bus by Valerie and Michelle, Oprah Winfry is back in play. Given Oprah's masterful interview of disgraced bicyclist Lance Armstrong, positively spinning Obamacare and the IRS should be a piece of cake. First up, the IRS Chief Counsel!

Alicia Keys was there and can she sing! She can be this "Girl Is On Hire" for Obamacare in an MTV video-advert.

And it was no accident that Bon Jovi's people were there, what with a song list that includes "Livin' on a Payor," "Panel Says Dead or Alive," "It's My Right," "You Give Hope a Bad Name," "Runaway Costs," "Bad Medicine" and "Shot Through the Heart and We'll Still Pay."

Last but not least, folks must have been excited about Will Ferrell. Since his Bush impersonation has run its course, Ron Burgundy may be the best choice for some faux-news insights.  He can provide periodic updates on how the health insurance exchanges are going: "They've done studies you know," "Sixty percent of the time it works every time," "In a glass case of emotion," and "Stay classy, Obamacare."

If anyone in the White House is reading this, just drop an email.  The DMCB is ready to roll up its sleeves and help.

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