Monday, February 18, 2008

Disease Management and Medical Home Collaboration? It's Possible.

My colleagues, Vince Kuraitis and Tom Wilson, make some clever points about the Vendorites and the Wagnerites. Check out their wisdom when you have a chance. I managed to uncover one example of collaboration between the two camps and would appreciate if anyone knows of others.

Call it a fairytale, but I remain hopeful……

It befell in the days of King Marcus of Welby that great happyness and cheer prevailed across the land. Treasurys of physicians were of prodigious cash flows, and moneys were overflowing. The citizenry’s health was devoid of great outcomery. Young men pondered Annette Funicello in their hearts. All was well.

With the passing of the great King Marcus, great darkness descended upon the populations. Usual and customary fees yielded to relative unit basery and proceduraciousness. Many physicians gnashed their teeth and donned ashes and rent their white coats. Treasuries were pillaged by Vendorites, while Wagnerites forged battle axes and war was made betwixt them. There was great jousting and smoting and crossing of swords. Princes of the Kingdom became fixeated on performance enhancing substances among the Saints. The people were addled by dancing with Stars. Young men dwelt upon Pamela Anderson in their hearts. All was of great consternation.

After many years of unhappyness, truce and pleasantness was attained by the Vendorites and the Wagnerites. Great contentment emerged. The people gazed upon PBS. The Princes sought comparative effectiveness. Young men marveled greatly upon Angelina Jolie. All became righteous and peace reigned among the people.

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