Thursday, February 14, 2008

News on Medicare Health Support and Healthways

Check out the press release about a letter to CMS.

The disease management blog is a big fan of Grammy winning Amy Winehouse. While his dream is to someday serve in background vocals, for now he'll have to settle for drawing inspiration from her lyrics. With apologies to Ms. Winehouse and her song "Rehab"........

They’re trying to kill off Health Support
N’ it’s bad luck luck luck
Yes, results r’ bad, n’ industry says egads
That’s a lot of bucks, bucks bucks.

We got press releases
And lots of letters sayin’ please
Weems’ stomping all over Health Support
Want benes t’say no no no.

Feds coulda done a better job
We feels we been robbbbedddd.
Slow data sharing n’ flawed method’s was done
Hoping Congress passes legislationnnn

We don’t know a lot of stats
But we know Congress has its own math

They’re trying to kill off Med’Care Health Support
Say hell no no no

More to tell, but term’s confidential
Ouch! A lot of dough, dough dough

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