Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Disease Management Blog has Industry Sponsors

The Disease Management Care Blog has been circumnavigating the blogsphere and noticed some of sites apparently have paying “sponsors.” It made the mistake of pointing these out to the spouse, and she wants to know when the DMCB is going to have them flashing/java-ing on its site.

That is obviously going to take awhile, but in the meantime the DCMB has generously created the Gratis Sponsors List of Honorees from our industry. It thanks these individuals and companies for their generous support:


Platinum Diamond Sponsor:

Robin DeSurplus

Gold Sponsor:

Maximillion Hipparules

Silver Sponsor:

Anita Moreoutcomes

Paul Tredata

Ivana Savemoney


Creative Conclusions Inc.

Shake It, Bake It and Take It Predictive Modeling, LLP

Wholesome Wonderful Betterness Wellness R Us, Inc

By the way, Health Wonk Review is up. The DMCB missed the deadline for submission but it still makes for great reading at Joe Paduda's site. Check it out.

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