Saturday, March 1, 2008

The Disease Management Care Blog Gets an Update!

Hi there. You may think of me as the clever E-Trade Baby, but I’ve been living two lives in the Matrix. In one life, I’m a recreated big-eyed joy-bundle for a respectable stock trading company. I just got a social security number, my parents have yet to pay taxes on my income and am destined, thanks to the obesity epidemic, to collapse of a premature heart attack while helping my landlady carry out her garbage. My other life is lived in computers, where I go by the hacker alias "DirtyDiaprz" and am guilty of virtually every computer crime we have a law for. One of these lives has a future, and one of them does not.

Click. No big deal. There, I just did it. I have hacked the Disease Management Care Blog because the owner-dude jaans is a pathetic internet newbie. I’ve imported some improvements:

  • The Blog “Archive” is shorter. The “About Me” is at the top of the page, making the easy-to-remember email address more visible.
  • Some persons have unsuccessfully tried to post comments. Google Blog is a free service and I’ve tried to tell the Disease Management Blog that you get what you pay for. If readers have a comment, keep trying but also send an email to the jaans dude. He’ll do his best to help you post it. He may even invite you to write your own post.
  • Readers may have had trouble setting up a “feed.” That can be done by scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking on Subscribe to: Posts (Atom). I’ve tweaked some Webmaster settings that may make it easier. If not, email jaans dude. He may not be able to fix it (he’s not me) but he’d like to know.
  • There are many more useful links off to the right. Blogs that are regularly read by jaans (Great Blogs) are listed and may be worth a bookmark or feed. Insurer Coverage Policies links are provided because some readers may be interested in gauging the symmetry between disease management and typical benefit designs. The Disease Management Company DMAA List is a useful portal to many disease management companies’ home web pages. I’ve also listed a lot of the chronic condition guideline links called Guidelines n Measures.

If you think another link should be provided, email jaans.


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