Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Wal-Mart Does the Right Thing.... Eventually

Ever heard of health insurers' rights of subrogation? It's a big deal in the business and enough to make the lawyers, benefit managers and finance chiefs chillingly tone deaf.

Now learn about Wal-Mart & the Shank Family.

Wonder about re-insurance.

Consider fiduciary duty.

Contrast this with their announcement on how much money they've saved health care consumers.

Ponder all the stinky public relations dimensions....

Stir in a big pot and then bake up some congratulations to Wal-Mart at three levels:

1 Finally applying common sense, overcoming the tone deafness and doing the right thing.

2 The Disease Management Care Blog also points out that the apology was not couched in legalistic terms of "regret" or "misunderstanding." They said they "are sorry."

3 Learning from this public relations fiasco and committing to modify the insurance benefit.

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