Tuesday, April 22, 2008

World Health Care Congress Quotes for Your Reading Pleasure

Quotable paraphrases heard at the World Health Care Congress:

'Wonder if you need an online personal health record? No? Well... did you wonder if you needed a BlackBerry?'

New title for mothers: 'Family Health Managers' or 'FHMs.'

'It’s not the best hospital, it’s the hospital [or doctor] that best matches the preferences and values of each patient.'

Have high deductable plans interfered with disease management program enrollment? Answer from a disease management vendor: 'No.'

Following a four presenter lengthy one hour nostrum-filled, earnest, wordy, complicated, disorganized and biased PowerPoint session on a multi-party disease management initiative attacking diabetic eye disease for a major Blues Plan, the DCMB asked if there was any impact on HEDIS rates: “Don’t know.”

'How many of the persons in this audience WALKED to school?' Vast majority of hands went up. 'How many of your CHILDREN walked to to school?' Very few hands went up.

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