Monday, May 12, 2008

Call for Paragraphs

Have the itch to write but don't want to put up with paper media? Don’t have the time or an understanding spouse to start your own blog? This isn't the traditional call for papers, but paragraphs.

After reading the Disease Management Care Blog, readers should have a sense of the theme, style and possible topics. Send me your 3-5 paragraphs, don’t get mad if I don’t think it’s suitable and don’t mind if I offer some friendly editing – just like it’s done in the print journals.

The DMCB will be happy to consider posting your work and you’ll get as much credit as you desire. It promises not to have your work languish for 3-5 months awaiting interminable peer review and it won’t take 12 months to appear in print. While this won't catapault you into being interviewed for All Things Considered, being invited to speak at some swank D.C. venue or being on the cover of Health Affairs, I’ve seen CV’s with blog authorship listed – this is your chance. Just send an e-mail.

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