Friday, May 2, 2008

The Disease Management Care Blog Applies for the Post of Chief Blogging Officer

In a prior post, the Disease Management Care Blog reviewed the title inflation peppering the C Suite office doors. Yet even it didn’t anticipate a new one: CBO or Chief Blogging Officer. I’m not making it up. Armed with news of this advance in corporate governance, the DMCB petitioned the spouse for the designation in our business and she demurred. ‘But you’re married to a blogging genius!’ I exclaimed. Her response drew on an old joke: ‘If I were married to a genius, I’d have to be a bigamist, and I’m sure I’m no bigamist.’

Even though it’s off topic, the DMCB couldn’t let the weekend arrive without sharing this representative clip of the behind-closed-doors, hardnosed discussion of divvying up the ROI that often goes on between purchasers and vendors of disease management. Enjoy.

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