Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Disease Management Care Blog Works Hard So You Can Too

The Disease Management Care Blog likes to monitor the matrix of blogs and other corners of the web for interesting insight, trends and anything else that might rescue the DMCB from the spouse's impression that it isn't really being productive. Or useful. Or too busy.

So here’s a collection of its hard work: some 'research' finds that are so noteworthy, you too can give your co-workers and family the impression that you are doing everything you can to stay abreast of the ever-changing healthcare landscape:

Even Health Affairs has its own blog and, what’s more, will soon be hosting that pinnacle of blogsmanship, a Health Wonk Review. As further testimony to the emerging expansion of the Blogiverse, HA has revealed that even the Kaiser Family Foundation is jumping in with a Blog Watch summary twice a week. Only twice a week? If it were more frequent, perhaps the DMCB would have a chance of being mentioned…..

Hat-tip’ to the Cleaner of the Augean Stables of the Health Care Debate over at healthcarebs, who in turn HT’d Kevin MD for discovering the piercing satire of Extormity web site, the electronic health record Megacorp.

We’re all aware of the pernicious effects of testosterone and its effect on behavior across many species. What else could account for this?

Speaking of testosterone-ness, that doesn’t mean Mr. T is all about smash-em-ups. He’s also about curing coma.

And last but not least, whacky Ron Paul may have no hope when it comes to snagging a nomination, but his handmade campaign signs are still all over central Pennsylvania. Maybe because he’s a Duke U Medical School grad. Maybe because he has some strong ideas about health insurance. Or maybe because he’s got some serious coolness. Ho-ya!

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