Monday, June 2, 2008

Do You Deserve an Award for Disease Management? Here's Your Chance

Do you work hard on behalf of populations afflicted with chronic illness? Would you and your co-workers appreciate some recognition for once? Have your company's ideas gone unnoticed by too many for too long? Is there a professional colleague that deserves better ?

Or alternatively, do you have a boss that could use some serious sucking up?

Here's your chance. You can nominate yourself or a coworker or your boss or your company for one of eleven awards from the the Organization Formerly Known As D.M.A.A., now simply DMAA the Care Continuum Alliance. You don't even have to be a DMAA member (though, let's face it, you ought to be if you aren't) to be considered. Note that submitting more than one application is not only verboten, but in poor taste.

The Disease Management Care Blog has participated in past evaluations of nominees. While there have been some rather fabulous, famous, expert and star-studded winners, the Committee has always carefully considered all the merits of each nominee and has not been prone to being swayed by the usual rock stars. The small, meek and the mild with meaningful track records of success have actually won some important recognition.

Think the awards don't have much gravitas? Think again. The DMCB has participated in site visits and program evaluations for payers and purchasers where the DMAA trophy has been prominently displayed (we're talking in the middle of the table with a small spotlight) and mentioned on the first page of the response to an RFP. The reason they do that is to take business away from you.

Deadline is June 13, 8 PM EST. Time to get crackin' - this is less than two weeks away.

The DMCB's advice for next year: Create a 12th Award: Best Blog.

Humbly speaking of which, the DMCB's position in the blogmos has now reached being in the top 500 blogs in the Healthcare100 ranking (there are a cornucopia of health care blogs out there and many are big business) and two hundred and something in the Wikio Health Blog ranking. Impressed? Well the spouse isn't. The DMCB wonders if a recent conversation on the difference between the outcomes and process of using a vacuum cleaner is playing any role. Husbands, be forewarned, this is not an area you want to tread in.

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