Friday, July 18, 2008

Catch Up Friday

It's Friday! What better day to catch up on some random pre-weekend observations and thoughts:

As further evidence of how passé the term ‘disease management’ is becoming, the journal formerly known as ‘Disease Management’ will henceforth refer to itself as ‘Population Health Management.’


Wonder why you are reading this blog? So is the Kaiser Family Foundation, which will be sponsoring a July 29 1 PM discussion on the growing illumination of bloglight on news reporting and policy debates. Attend in person in Washington DC if you like but for those of us of the virtual persuasion, a webcast will be available here. Mark your calendar.


Here’s one way to conduct participant satisfaction surveys. Here’s another. You decide which is a more credible approach.



ADT: 'Just calling m’am. We’ve received an alert and wanted to make sure everything is OK.'

[Strobe lights flashing. Alarm sounding bong... bong.... bong.... whoop whoop whoop!]

Woman: 'Oh thank goodness you called, yes we’re alright!

ADT: Should I have the medication compliance police come over and make sure you take your pill?


And completely off topic, but this is my blog. While watching the July 17 PBS NewsHour, the DMCB wasn’t quite sure it heard right. It did:

'And Joseph, who was an eccentric man -- I mean, he was a nudist, he was a wild morris dancer (ph), he was an accordion player. People say, being a nudist, at least he wasn't a cymbals player.'


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