Monday, August 18, 2008

Ten Good Reasons To Go To The Annual DMAA Confab

Other than this simply being a great learning experience for anyone interested in populaion-based health improvement, here are ten other reasons to click here:

1. Hear about successful market-based real world advances in population based health outcomes that you’ll never see in most peer reviewed academically dominated print journals.

2. Watch individuals and organizations get a DMAA Awards and say to yourself, “Hey, I’ve done more than that. Next year I’m nominating myself/organization for that award.”

3. You’ll meet the growing number of medical school faculty that ‘get it.’

4. Hear and meet the unsinkable Tracey Moorhead.

5. Endless intrigue: Will Gordon Norman sport facial hair when he becomes Chair? Will DMAA change its name again? Will the Kaiser Family Foundation site mention any policy findings from this meeting? Can you get to the wine without stopping at a booth?

6. Meet and Greet the DMO CEOs COOs CMOs and countless other Cs. Find out for yourself that they really spend a lot of time worrying about quality and cost.

7. Watch the DMAA staff swarm into customer expectation-exceeding action.

8. Toast the Greenie’s doom and gloom predictions of hurricanes along the Florida coast with an umbrella’d drink poolside at the sunny host hotel.

9. You may get mentioned in the Disease Management Care Blog.

10. Hear Drs. Bagley and Grundy talk about the Medical Home.

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