Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It's Money That Matters

The Disease Management Care Blog extends a hearty congratulations to our new 44th President, Mr. Barack Obama. As a naturalized child of immigrants, I can truly say "only in America."

Now the hard part begins. Once we (yes, we - we're all in this together) start bridging the gap between rhetoric and reality, the DMCB recommends that we keep in mind that we can always break into song. It helps soothe the soul and helps put things in perspective when the going gets tough.

An anthem for your consideration:

So forget about healthcare,
So says the polls
The budget's been busted,
Debt's outta control
But I see them lurking in ERs
Working, but there’s no insurance, no
Can’t pay for their healthcare
Need sacks of cold cash
Cost trend is upward, not slow.

No budget - no matter
Costs outta control
No money no matter
Who cares about polls

All these health experts,
Are quite ready to say
That in any fair system,
That we should not delay
For all who can’t pay
We’ll eke out some savings,
In this zero sum game.

Well Feds setting up mandates,
Number unseen
Now will insurance be helpful
if doc’s incomes get creamed?

So I talked to my empl’yer and he didn’t know
I talked to my Rep and he didn’t know
I talked to my doctor but he sure did know
I talked to everybody that I knew

No budget - no matter
Now costs outta control
No money no matter
Who cares about polls

Then I talked to a man,
Opined inside the Beltway zone
I was wishing for change
And was not alone
He was an expert smart guy
With a long CV
I said “Just how will we fund it?”
He said "I know what to do!”

“Y’see, polls we don’t really need here!
Great big House margin inside it
And a brand new Prez in the West Wing
with Harry n Nancy n Ted inside it”

Sonny no budget – no matter,
Hear what I say
No money – no matter
In the USA
No money – no matter
Now you know that it's true
No money – no matter
This we will do"

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