Monday, February 9, 2009

A Contrarian Nominee Suggestion for the Secretary of Health and Human Services

The DMCB feels sorry for its fellow bloggers who boned up for Czar Dashcle’s reign by memorizing his blueprint or forwarding the minutes from those holiday home-based healthcare confabs. While y’all were getting ‘engaged,’ the DCMB was involved in other far more rewarding holiday pursuits. The silliness is not done, however, thanks to the speculation fever over the identity of the Obama Administration’s ‘Plan B’ HHS nominee. Examples are here, here and here.

Not wanting to miss all the fun, the ever contrarian Disease Management Care Blog would like to present its own favorite candidate:

Gloria James.

NBA sports fans may recognize the name of the mother of the Cleveland Cavs’ superstar forward LeBron James. She’s something else. She had LeBron at the age of 16 and as a single mom moved from one menial job to another while keeping a roof over her head and her son from disappearing into the street violence of Akron, Ohio’s streets. This is a woman of grit, determination and hard work.

So, why is she qualified you ask? Well, says the DMCB, consider the following:

It's not just her mettle, she’s a mom. That is a huge advantage, not only because of her gender (which remains underrepresented in DC) but because of what the Fat Lady teaches us in this story from the 15th Chapter of Matthew: ‘Have mercy on me,’ said this anonymous mother to Jesus, ‘my daughter is grievously vexed with a devil.’ When rebuffed, she repeated her plea, saying ‘Lord, help me.’

Curious, isn’t it? The child is ill but it is the mom that is personally suffering and is begging for mercy and help for herself. The DMCB finds this story once again demonstrates the Bible’s special insights about the human condition: mothers feel their children’s pain. What’s more, they understand other moms’ pain and they’ll (and in this example, literally) move heaven and earth to fix it. The DMCB asks: wouldn’t this special skill of selflessness for others’ suffering be a refreshing ingredient inside the beltway? Go to ANY home and school association meeting, any school sports game or Sunday school and you’ll find qualified candidates for the job. You’ll find Ms. James.

Speaking of moving heaven and earth, Ms. James would be a tireless and energetic advocate. There is no better demonstration of this than this clip of Ms. James rigorously debating the finer points of NBA officiating with a referee during a Boston-Cleveland game. The DMCB thinks our President and his team of rivals would benefit from having a person like this who won’t be afraid to tell the Big Man the way it is. By the way, Mr. Obama’s love of basketball will only further cement their mutual respect.

Last but not least, Ms. James has allegedly amply demonstrated her preference to not to take advantage of limo rides at the taxpayers’ expense, expressed by kicking out car a window, if necessary, to make her point. No last minute tax issue surprises here: with Ms. James, what you see is what you get.

But she has no background in healthcare policy you reply? Well, it’s not just the DMCB that thinks it’s possible to have too many economist/PhD experts cluttering up the White House. What’s more, just because you are one doesn’t mean you’ll be very successful. Secretary Ms. James can surround herself with her own team of rivals. What’s more, if common sense and hard work don’t allow her to understand what’s being proposed, I think we can count on her to keep our healthcare laws regulations from being gummed up by even more gobbledygook.

But she has no chance you think? Well, she has about as much of a chance of being named as this guy does.

You GO Ms. James!

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