Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Latest Cavalcade of Risk Is Up!

Warning, warning! Use of ladders can inadvently release excessive gravitational force, causing traumatic injury. Dancing can lead to uneven deceleration, causing some parts of your body to stop before other body parts. Tequila can result a syndrome of torrid midnight madness. The Disease Management Care Blog leaves it to readers to assess the exponentially greater risk of combining any two or all three.

But be not afraid. You can positively harness risk over at Jason Shafrin's warning-laden Healthcare Economist's Cavalcade of Risk. Without the gravity, momentum or fermented Agave plant product, the assembly of some great links will make you more intelligent, help you gain a better understanding of insurance, be wiser about all the bad economic news, appreciate workers comp gaming and 'advance the science of economics.' Just a mouse, a click and some enjoyable reading.

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