Monday, June 29, 2009

Do You Have a 'Kindle?'

In its travels, the Disease Management Care Blog is seeing more and more people with 'kindles.' These are lightweight personal backlit electronic readers that can download just about any book and a variety of newspapers. Travelers seem to favor them because they're easier to lug around than a paper book.

That's one problem solved, but the DMCB understands another downside of travelling. You may not be able to readily access your favorite on-line blogs, including this one. Well, now you are in luck. The entrepreunerial folks at Amazon have fixed it so that for a remarkably small price, you can download the DMCB to your kindle for your reading convenience on that commuter flight between ORD and MDT.

The DMCB spouse is not impressed, however. While the revenue from this blog could potentially double as a result of this groundbreaking Amazon-DMCB alliance, her metrics are based on absolute measures of cashflow, not relative ones.

The DMCB will continue to assist the spouse in modifying her penurious sentiments.

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