Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Latest Health Wonk Review Is Up!

This is simply the best summary ever of the latest wonky insights about the ongoing developments in national healthcare reform. The pros and cons of the public plan option? Affordability? The impact on providers? The Massachesetts model? The politics? Look no further for insights and perspectives on these topics that you'll never see in the mainstream news media at Joe Paduda's Managed Care Matters with a special edition on the why's of health reform. There's even some commentary from a U.S. Senator.

The Disease Management Care Blog got a nice comment too. Liking the DMCB puts readers in good company. 'Google' the very broad term 'disease management' and there will be more than 47 million results. However, the 'disease management care blog' now appears on first page. Ditto Microsoft's new search engine '' Yahoo.... well, the DMCB never uses it anyway.

They like us blogs, they really like us!

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