Monday, September 14, 2009

LifeMasters Declares Bankruptcy

You can read one of the typical press releases here. Rather than battle the Feds over who owes what to who for its star-crossed foray into accepting risk (i.e., the claw back of fees that were unmatched by savings) in Medicare Health Support, privately held LifeMasters is seeking the safe harbor of bankruptcy protection.

The BEST summary can be found at Vince Kuraitis' excellently written review of the history, the balance sheets and all that is known and unknown over at e-CareManagement.


bradleydean said...

Dear DMCB:
Unless you are ideologically anti-reform and cynically pro-obfuscation (e.g., "death panel," etc.), I would suggest you lose the pejorative term, "Obamacare."
Brad Stephan

Jaan Sidorov said...

bradleydean brings up a good point: is the term "Obamacare" perjorative? If we think about "Hillarycare," the answer may be yes, but on the other hand, the President's increasing ownership of the issue may warrant the term, especially since it denotes an immediately obvious and well known policy package. On the other hand, I did go slightly negative when I last used the term while thinking about the personal impact of the Dem's health reform: it's likely my health insurance costs will go up thanks to the proposed tax on relatively modest health insurance.

The good news is that my use of the term prompted a posted comment to my blog, which is valued above all else. I'm tempted to use it again for good or for ill.

Thanks for the feedback Brad. I'll tread more lightly with the term in the future.