Sunday, November 8, 2009

Not Impressed

True, while it does take a lot to impress the Disease Management Care Blog, the House's passage of health reform legislation is not landmark, revolutionary or courageous. Rather, it is:

Just one step on the road to a Conference Committee, a closed door affair from which will emerge an entirely new bill.

A gateway to November 2010 'Midterm-istan,' where little of Mr. Obama's 2008 magic and a lot of voter concerns await our increasingly nervous politicians.

Testimony to the gap that exists between the old guard liberal Committee Chairs and the more moderate Representatives.

While complicated at 1,990 pages, it is no where close to matching - or taming - the complexity of U.S healthcare (non)system, and

A chance for readers to look at how their own Representatives stand on health reform (you can look up the name here).

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