Friday, March 12, 2010

The Disease Management Care Blog Gets Quoted

.....but that's not the only reason to read this article in the Texas Tribune by Emily Ramshaw. This is well written as well as interesting and is a good example of the difficulty in evaluating the economic outcomes associated with disease management. In this instance, it deals with the McKesson contract with Texas Medicaid.

So which is it? DM is a waste of money? It's too difficult to measure savings in an insured population? We need different metrics? We need a single industry standard? This year's DM is different than last years' and comparisons are unfair? It's not savings, but value? Read this and decide for yourself......

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Robert said...

The last time I checked, a series of 1 was insufficient to make a definitive conclusion about anything. We would be better off if every commentator on this subject both knew that and remembered to mention it.