Thursday, August 5, 2010

Read This Book. It Will Make You Smarter

The Disease Management Care Blog is pleased to announce the August 16 publication of the book Population Health: Creating a Culture of Wellness. You can order your copy here.

As the overview states, this authoritative text:

"....provides a population-based approach to education applicable to professionals in disease management, chronic care management, and politics in addition to students studying public health, health policy, quality and patient safety, health care administration, medicine, nursing, pharmacy, social work and other related clinical professions."

The DMCB agrees. This is an important resource on the topic of care management because it has the latest information on disease and case management, prevention and wellness. If you like checking in with the DMCB, you'll find this book to be an excellent resource. It will also be a handsome addition to your office bookshelf and provoke the envy of co-workers, the admiration of your boss and the advancement of your career.

How does the DMCB know this, you ask? It helped write some of the book.

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