Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Call for Comments

In just over one week, the Disease Management Care Blog will be doing something that only few ever get to experience: it will have the undivided attention of an entire U.S. medical school class for over an hour. It was invited to give a real and honest to goodness lecture. It's been working on the reading list, assembling the lecture content and buffing the slide presentation for weeks. And the DMCB doesn't intend to go into this alone. It would like to take its readers along by offering them the chance to communicate with these young physicians.

This is a call for a short one sentence (or less) statement that can fit with others on one or two closing PowerPoint slides, sort of like the closing credits to a satisfying movie. Angry, abusive, lecturing or depressing comments will be rejected. The DMCB is looking for wittiness, optimism, inspiration and humor.

If you have something important to say to a group of professionals who will be saving lives, spending gazillions of your tax dollars while being in the eye of an unending health reform storm, this is your chance. Email the DMCB at jaansATaolDOTcom, Tweet, or post here, or on Facebook or LinkedIn.

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