Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Republican Health Care Anthem (with apologies....)

The Disease Management Care Blog asked a very shrewd connoisseur of all things political if the midterm electoral conservative shift might prompt the survivors to play nice with each other. To the DMCB's chagrin, he said he doubted it, noting that it was the practical-minded centrists who were going to get clobbered. He predicted that the survivors left standing at the extremes of the political spectrum are destined for extremism, vituperation and gridlock.

What's a despondent blogger to do, then, than break out into song. The DMCB tried to capture the resurgent Republican mojo in the lyrics below. They're adapted (with apologies) to a deliciously deprecating anthem composed by The Magnetic Fields. The original lyrics may be within reach of that ultimate put-down song of all time, Bob Dylan's Like A Rollin' Stone.

You think we’ll work, not screw with you
Why compromise health care with you?
We want that Reid to go away
Block all the funding... yeah!
Like an ugly Tea Party
With Sara Palin!

If he thinks we'll leave the past behind
Obama's out of his mind
If he thinks we'll simply press rewind
Prez must be out of his mind... yeah
He must be out of his mind!

Dems want what was turned off turned on
You said reform, but it’s a bomb
You can't go 'round just saying “hope”
Because it Twitters
Jon Stewart can’t say enough
To get supporters!


We want to kill the ACA
Our opponents will have to pay
The budget is beyond all control
We’re printing money!
Medicare is in a hole
Our mood is crummy!


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