Thursday, February 3, 2011

So Many News Events, So Little Blog

Why Not Fast Track the ACA to the Supreme Court?

The Disease Management Care Blog asked the same question as Senator Nelson in this quixotic post weeks ago. The real news is that as a lawyer, the Senator has shown there is an exception to every algorithm.

Career Management 101

The DMCB understands the best time to exit any position is while your reputation is high and before things start going bad. That may be the intentional or unintentional thinking behind Dr. Blumenthal's decision to exit, but that doesn't make it any less true. As studies begin to show that the EHR stampede is not leading to higher quality or lower costs, explaining that sorry news will become the duty of a third HIT Czar.

A Vice President for Patient Centered Medical Homes

All well and good, says the DMCB, but the PCMH will not have truly achieved the pinnacle of corporate medical-industrial success that it so richly deserves until a major health system identifies a Chief PCMH Officer, or CPCMHO for short.

This Is How We Make a Health Law Better?

There's the cost of the ACA and then there is the revenue necessary to fund it. Repealing the 1099 provision addresses only half of the problem. The DMCB fears having Congress oversee the fiscal integrity of the ACA is like having Charlie Sheen emcee a spring break party.

1000 Posts!

Last week, the DMCB broke the 1000 post barrier. Really.

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GlassHospital said...

How about CXO vs VP for Patient Experience?

CXO = Chief Experience Officer, as in Patient Experience

C-suite medical industrialist charged with coping with HCHAPS regulations/scoring/compliance....