Friday, March 25, 2011

Submit That Report To Population Health Management: Here's Why

Have you created a novel care management program? Developed a unique approach to wellness? A groundbreaking approach to analytics? Performed a literature review with some new insights?

Have you already committed your findings to paper with tables and figures and, with some additional effort, could turn them into a real manuscript? Does the idea of sticking all that hard work on some shelf or letting it languish in the C-suite upstairs annoy you?

If you are in the C-suite, do you want to advance the career of some key employees?

If so, do you want to simultaneously advance the science of population-based care to the benefit of patients everywhere, hone your findings with rigorous and insightful peer review, contrast your evidence-based program with the take-our-word-for-it fluff of your competitors and bask in the envy of your colleagues and enemies?

If so, you may want to seriously think about submitting a paper to Population Health Management. Instructions for authors are here.

Benefits include....
  • Publication in a highly respected peer-reviewed journal

  • Rapid, high-quality peer review—average time to first decision 19 days

  • Fast-track publication online within 4 months

  • Global readership in 140 countries

  • High Impact: 90,000 downloads from the journal in 2010

  • Visibility: Publisher gives special promotion to important papers including e-promotions and press releases

  • Author-friendly manuscript submission system

  • Indexed in Medline, Current Contents, and all key indexing services worldwide

  • Probably being mentioned in the Disease Management Care Blog

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