Friday, April 22, 2011

The Disease Management Care Blog Speaks on Accountable Care Organizations!

It's one thing to write about Accountable Care Organizations, but what about speaking on the topic with new insights plus the opportunity for live audience feedback?  The intrepid Disease Management Care Blog will do exactly that when it leaves the relative safety of the blogmos and opens itself to your criticisms and insights at a Care Continuum Alliance Webinar one week from today. 

You can register here. It's worth every penny.

During the presentation, the DMCB will be joined by the smart Andrew J. Baskin, MD, Aetna's National Medical Director, Quality and Provider Performance Measurement and the insightful Elizabeth W. Hoy, MHA, Vice President, Strategic Development, Cheyenne Health Services Management. Michael Raymer, General Manager, Health Solutions Group, Microsoft Corp will act as moderator.

Listen in and participants will learn about many of the underrecognized population health and care coordination tools and strategies that are "mission critical" for the success of ACOs.  The webinar will also unveil a unique ACO toolkit designed to help policymakers and health system leaders as they deal with the many details of beating that risk-adjusted baseline.

Last but not least, this valuable and affordable educational opportunity is pre-approved for 1.5 hours toward Chronic Care Professional (CCP) certification.

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