Thursday, July 7, 2011

The 100 Year Shift? Part 2 On The Transformation Of Payment From Volume to Value

Can't wait for Part 3!
As promised, the second part of the audacious series  on "The 100 Year Shift" has been posted at Vince Kuraitis'                e-CareManagement Blog.  Co-authored by your Disease Management Care Blog, this latest addition looks at why payment reimbursement for "value" is trumping "volume," how this is driving increased "accountability" (of which ACOs are merely one version) and the looming shake-up of hospitals, physicians and insurers. 

If you accept our logic, it's easier to see why insurers remain quite powerful, hospitals stand to lose the most in the current U.S. deficit reduction negotiations and the physicians may have a shot at reversing the scheduled sustainable growth rate (SGR) cuts.

Part 2 is posted here.

Whether you think this is naive, delusional or the work of buffoons, your interest is appreciated and comments are always welcome.

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