Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The 100 Year Shift? Part 3 On Why There Is Less To Physician-Hospital Integration Than Meets The Eye

What's ahead?
The third in a series of provocative essays on the emerging alignment of health insurers and physicians has been posted at Vince Kuraitis' e-CareManagement blog

In it, we review the transition of hospitals from "revenue" to risk-bearing "cost" centers and speculate on how physicians are likely to react.  While perceptive Disease Management Care Blog readers may ask about the recent spate of physician practice purchases by hospitals as well as the looming specter of "accountable care organizations," Vince and the DMCB have eight reasons why hospital-physician marriages have a lot more Schwarzenegger and a lot less steadfastness than generally appreciated.

Is the DMCB's prognostications full of hot air?  A flight of fancy?  Wishful thinking?  Read for yourself and decide.  Comments remain always welcome.

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