Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Some #AskObama Health Reform Tweets That May Not Have Gotten Past The Town Hall Filter

"Well, according to the DMCB...."
Disease Management Care Blog readers may recall that the President held a July 6 non-event using the hashtag "#AskObama."  The DMCB salutes him for using social media to further enrich our democracy, but is disappointed that this corner of twitosphere was somewhat stage-managed by a filtering algorithm.

That inspired the DMCB (which can also be followed on Twitter, by the way) to speculate about some of the healthreform-minded tweets that may have been prevented from making their way to the President:

#Golf, Basketball do not for #FITNESS make. Will you commit to #EBM-based 150 minutes/week w/ 2 days muscle strengthening?

Can you launch a pilotless drone to find me a PCP?

If #MichelleObama doesn't like you smelling of #tobacco, call us: we can help!

Functioning #ACO spotted on HBO #Trueblood in Faerieland! Evil Republicans threw light grenades! 

Is #WHITEHOUSE aware that #HEALTHREFORM advisor Nancy DeParle has never personally taken care of patients?

Please, oh please tell Sebelius to cover disease management services, please please please?

Which was the right answer from that past town healthreform hall meeting: the blue pill or the red pill?

Next stop for health insurance exchanges: online resource to help CIA find Taliban terrorists?

Suggestion: #WH announces that anytime says #PREVENTION and "bend the cost curve" in same sentence that somewhere a kitten dies?

#CMS Adminstrator Berwick: Driving the #MEDICARE bus or thrown under it?

U.S #HEALTHCARE costs and #LadyGaga popularity tracking together: just a coincidence? Explain.

How about #MEDICAID reimbursing for #PHYSICIAN tweets? 

If I throw my awful #EHR out the window and police cuff me, will you invite for Rose Garden brewskis?

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