Sunday, August 7, 2011

Of Downgrades, Treasurys, Sins of Omission vs. Commission, Spin and the Affordable Care Act

The Disease Management Care Blog hopes that when this interview was recorded, Treasury Secretary Geithner was engaging in some "spin" for public consumption and didn't really discount the possibility of a rating agency downgrade when he was working behind closed doors at the White House:

While Standard and Poor's (S&P's) action has been called into doubt because of the agency's past gaffs, the DMCB points out that the mortgage backed security mess was a sin of omission.  In other words, they missed the risk to investors.  However, once they spot a risk, S&P doesn't have a reputation for unnecessary exaggeration.  It remains to be seen if the markets to decide if the downgrade was a sin of commission. 

Which brings the DMCB to the Affordable Care Act.  Do the Adminsitration and its allies really believe this or is this some sort of spin also?

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