Monday, October 17, 2011

The Unfortunate Name of "Medical Home" and Some Suggested Taglines to Aid With the Marketing

A place "where you go to die?" That's how a consultant summarized the awareness of Connecticut's Medicaid beneficiaries about the "medical home."  Like multiple other States that are attracted by the patient centered medical home's (PCMH) allure of lower cost and increased quality, the Nutmeg State is apparently planning on assigning most of its Medicaid enrollees to primary care sites that offer this emerging approach to care.  Based on the negative connotations of being "put away" in a "home," however, rank and file patients aren't exactly happy about the idea.

The consultant recommends that marketing be used to deal with this medical misperception.  The Disease Management Care Blog not only seconds that motion, it wants to help by humbly submitting some medical home taglines gratis to help kick things off:

Got some groans?  Medical home!  Got an ache?  PCMH!

The Medical Home: your gateway to specialists.

This is not your father's nursing home.

Nursing home? Death; Medical home? The rest.

Millions of policymaking man-hours can be all wrong!

The Medical Home:  where you are not just a number, but a primary care fee.

Where your hope meets the Affordable Care Act's assumptions!

Your team will see or telephone or email you now.


Anonymous said...

All of your slogans are pretty horrible and make me think that you believe medical home is a poorly thought-out farce. I don't believe I'll be visiting your blog again.

Jaan Sidorov said...

Get a grip. Or rather, a sense of humor.

My latest comment on the medical home can be found here: