Thursday, April 12, 2012

At $80 Per Patient Per Month, How Long Does It Take to Spend $80?

While innumerate Chelsea's struggles over the precise meaning of "80 miles per hour" are maddening, the Disease Management Care Blog has to hand it to her: she does apply some novel methodologies to derive her ultimate answer.

After she reconsiders her choice for a husband, DMCB recommends she be hired by the White House as an assistant for health policy. Her keen insights will be of great service to this Administration as it continues to unilaterally uncomplicate the health insurance industry with its money saving proclamations.

If the actuaries say the cost is 80 dollars per member per month, does that mean it's really $80 per patient per month? Chelsea shows us the answer!

(and by the way, yes, the guy is an irritating jerk)

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