Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Special One-Hour Webcast That Includes the Disease Management Care Blog!

Disease Management Care Blog readers can become smarter than they already are and be among the first to learn about a new Care Continuum Alliance (CCA) "road map" for population health management (PHM) in primary care and how embedded PHM strategies can support and complement the patient-physician visit in a special one hour CCA webcast!

CCA member research leader Jaan Sidorov, MD, MHSA, FACP, will present the CCA's new Population Health Management Road Map for Primary Care, and MedAssurant community-based chronic care experts Ashwini Davison, MD and Toni Kfuri, MD will discuss:

• The value of using face-to-face nursing assessments and coaching.
• How face-to-face coordinates and collaborates with physician care.
• Ways to coordinate with local community resources.
• Examples of chronic care support in community settings.

CCA makes this valuable presentation available for only $39 (members) and $59 (non-members).  The DMCB says that's a bargain.

You can register here

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