Friday, June 29, 2012

Wecome to the Family, ACA

All big families go through this sooner or later. 

The upending of a familiar rhythm of behaviors, traditions, relationships and unspoken social rules by the unpleasant intrusion of one who is eumphemistically termed "a significant other." The disagreeable dolt who sleeps in.  The rude boyfriend who won't close his mouth when he chews. The unpleasant uncle who knows it all. In hushed whispers in the kitchen, the regulars wonder: just what in the world does she see in him?

Yet, even as families hope against hope that they'll break up, things settle into a new equilibrium. Loyalties evolve, the relatives adapt, newcomers behave and the traditions evolve. Yes, those were the good old days and he may be a horse's ass, but now he's our horse's ass.

Enter the Affordable Care Act. Whether we like it or not, the Supremes see something in this fat boy sitting in our living room and it looks like he's for keeps. The ACA may be unwieldly, expensive and prone to mischief, but it looks like he ain't going anywhere. Absent an unlikely Republican trifecta involving the Presidency, House and Senate (and that has to be filibuster proof) in the November elections, it looks like he'll be part of the family for years to come. 

Welcome to the family, ACA.

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