Monday, September 17, 2012

Swaying Brains for Behavior Change

Here's looking at you!
The Disease Management Care Blog appears to be reaching a critical mass of readership. IP address traffic statistics are showing that the DMCB is part of many home, university and business readers' morning internet surfing. After unlocking their computer, more and more savvy health care leaders are accessing their company's intranets and clicking on browsing favorite "DMCB" for insights that buck the prevailing wisdom.  

The DMCB isn't surprised because its postings are tailored for a select readership on the front lines of program development, management and research.  Even if readers disagree with the DMCB's biases, they'll know what the opposition is thinking.

To those of you who are consistently returning day after day and week after week, the DMCB thanks you!


After reading the DMCB's shameless self promotion, check out this Wall Street Journal weekend essay on "Five Ways to Sway Voters' Brains."  It seems political consultants on both sides of the partisan divide are brazenly stealing a decade's worth of disease management behavior change technology to manipulate voters.

The italicized text above is an exercise in their subterfuge:

1. Make the voter/patient/reader "visualize" the preferred behavior (accessing the intranet with the DMCB as a browser favorite)

2. Portray the preferred behavior as cool ("savvy" and "select" health care "leaders.")

3. Predict voter/patient preferences ("development, management and research") and tailor the messaging ("insights").

4. Manage any negativity with an alternative rationale ("know what the opposition is thinking")

5. Let them know they are being watched (IP addresses from your universities, businesses and homes)

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